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TTPS: No need to add violence to violence

PUBLIC information officer for the TTPS, acting Asst Supt Michael Jackman said there is no need to add violence to violence. Warning against citizens taking the duty to protect and serve into their own hands, he said such actions are criminal, and therefore punishable by law.

“This type of conduct has the potential of causing harm, serious injury, or even loss of life, and may result in criminal charges being brought against individuals who participate in such unlawful acts.”

He said the police appreciate the willingness of the public in exercising the civic duty of assisting in maintaining safety. But he asked that they act reasonably in such attempts based on the nature of the crime. Jackman urged those seeking to detain a suspect to do so without causing harm, followed by handing the person over to the police for further investigations and for the process to take its legal course.

The grounds on which people suspected of crimes may be detained are in instances where the suspect is caught in the act or if there is reasonable evidence of the crime.

In the case involving Ashdale Mc Hutchinson, who was beaten by a group of Oropune Gardens residents on Wednesday last and died on Sunday, Jackman said, “Investigations are being conducted by personnel of the Homicide Bureau Region Two, and I have no information at this time whether there is anyone in custody in relation to that investigation.” He said information would be made available as soon as there are any updates.

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