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Tourism gets new logo

The Division of Tourism, Culture and Transportation has a new logo.

The logo was design in two weeks by Mark Gilbert, an Audio-Visual Officer with the Division. It replaces the current hand drawn logo by Wilcox Morris.

The new logo is intended to rejuvenate the Division’s corporate look with a modern, corporate multi-faceted design relevant to the destination’s niche markets.

Along with the launching of the new logo last Thursday at Fort King George Heritage Park, Scarborough, the Division also announced a Community Tourism Awareness campaign, with Tourism Secretary Nadine Stewart-Phillips, delivering in her feature address, explaining that this campaign will be done in three phases, with the first phase being to inform will 60,000 of the importance of tourism to the Tobago economy and the benefits to be derived from the sector.

The second phase of the campaign would seek to change perceptions and attitudes of the Tobago population while phase three will support and reinforce positive behaviour by residents.

Stewart Phillips said the campaign would also include an island-wide signage project.

“Our island wide signage project involves extensive review and replacement of signs at Tobago’s various beach facilities, historical sites and tourist attractions…clear signage design is an essential element assisting the public and visitors to locate these many attractions in an efficient manner.

“While the primary use of the island wide signage project is to guide visitors to their intended destinations, particularly where some may be off the beaten track and difficult to find, the new and improved signs integrating the Division’s updated logo will also help to further revitalise the island’s aging infrastructure,” she said.

Stewart-Phillip said the Division was looking at long-term plans, spanning three years, for integrating elements of branding and marketing initiatives, community meetings, tourism awareness polls and round table discussions with key industry players, for the sector.

“We will be approaching Tobagonians from every angle ensuring that our message gets to every man, woman and child. We will explore integrating technology with community tourism, phone applications and digital online promotions, face-to-face workshops and training initiatives, tourism centric television programmes and the dissemination of informative literature,” she said.

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