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Schultz delivers Club Licensing lecture

PERUVIAN Mario Maggi Schultz went in-depth in his lecture on the FIFA Club Licensing Systems (CLS) on Saturday as part of a seminar hosted by the Department of Management Studies, The University of the West Indies (UWI), St Augustine campus. The lecture was held at the Teaching and Learning Complex (TLC), in UWI, St Augustine, and was free to the public.

Schultz explained, “To implement a club license, you need to do a baseline study of the Federation or National Association…Strategic planning is crucial on deciding the next step.”

He identified four pillars of strategic planning for the CLS including sporting side/youth development, reform of club/tournaments, infrastructure and institution restructuring.

The project and club licensing manager at the Football Federation of Peru also outlined steps to follow to achieve success. The guided steps are: identify problems, prioritize, establish the necessary requirement scope for global standards, improve gradually and reach objectives for youth development.

He said all licensed clubs in Peru must submit certain documents on a monthly basis to avoid fines and sanctions.

Some of these documents pertain to payment of remuneration; payment of pension obligation; budgetary execution and cash flow (every three months); refinancing; obligations to the league; obligations with Federation.

“Sanctions are not to punish someone but the point of it is to learn,” Schultz declared.

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