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Police Assoc president lauds Griffith for accepting $40,000 salary

President of the Police Social and Welfare Association Insp Michael Seales yesterday commended the move by new Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to propose a salary of $40,000.

Seales yesterday said “It is interesting that Griffith would have taken a position that he has to consider the compensation of policemen and police women in relation to his own compensation. Additionally, we find it noble that he has linked his compensation that it should not be more than a ministerial appointment, so the association lauds that”.

According to Seales what the association is also seeing by this proposal by Griffith is that compensation for the new commissioner must take into consideration two factors. “One being that you have to compensate him in such a way because it is a contractual arrangement and he will not enjoy the right of a pension, and that factor is a saleable right which can be used to enhance his compensation and the other part is that because a gratuitous payment will be made on conclusion of the contract that it should be taken into account because it is a percentage of basic compensation and for that the association is saying that critical consideration must be made to ensure that those figures will enhance his compensation”.

Seales however advised Griffith “to go for the highest amount so that every single policeman or woman can benefit in the future”.

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