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Pensioner: HDC move not suitable

Two weeks after 87-year-old pensioner Horace Mitchell’s two-bedroom apartment was flooded by recent heavy rain, he is now pleading with the Housing Development Corporation to relocate him to a suitable apartment. He said he hopes it can accommodate not only him but, also his two children.

“Although I am glad they came to my aid and saw the condition my family and I was living in, after meeting with them, I was told they would put me in a one-bedroom apartment located in Belmont,” Mitchell said.

He said he cannot move, and his family has nowhere to go.

Mitchell asked, “Where would I place all my stuff from my home? Where would my children go?”

He said he depends on his children for support.

Horace Mitchell, tenant of the affected apartment, while standing on a plank, squeezes the sponge filled with the sewage water
The apartment 008-D in Building D of Chafford Court, where raw sewage water has been over-flowing, for several days, despite bring this health concern to the HDC Maintence officals, Charlotte St, POS. Tuesday, June 26, 2018. PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB.


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