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Pastor Dottin says no to decriminalisation of ganja‘ Walking zombies’

A THOUSAND times no to the decriminalisation of marijuana from prominent Seventh Day Adventist pastor Clive Dottin as he responded to a recent meeting between senior government officials and a marijuana advocate. Pastor Dottin who has been involved in working with youths across the region for 40 years also runs a drug rehab centre.

In a telephone interview, Pastor Dottin said he has seen first hand the effect the drug has on people. “I have witnessed the destruction of thousands of youth in 25 countries in the Caribbean and beyond. This drug has turned many youth into walking and talking zombies. Don’t talk about impaired judgment, the paranoia and the loss of control. What about reduced testosterone and damage to the tail of the sperm cell?” he asked.

Dottin is pleading with the authorities not to take the country down what he called “this very slippery smoke.”

He reminded that in addition to people using marijuana, there are the young poly addicts who use a combination of marijuana, cocaine, alcohol and any other drug they have access to. He also warned about the “black cigarette” a combination of marijuana and cocaine.

The social activist pastor is advising government that there are “enough sociopaths blasting and punishing citizens. Let us not trivialise the harmful effects of the drug. I have counselled young men and women who struggled to destroy addiction..We have enough murders and murderers,” he said. Continuing to defend his stand against the decriminalisation of marijuana, Dottin urged government to be diligent and “save our youth.” He said while the medical use of marijuana has been popularised and the drug contains properties used to fight epilelptic seizures, there are those who wish to legalise it for social and recreational reasons. He said the majority of addicts who seek treatment at reahab centres started on the narcotic trail with marijuana.

Close to two weeks ago Attorney General Faris al Rawi and Minister in the Officer of Legal Affairs, Fitzgerald Hinds held talks with the Caribbean Collective For Justice headed by marijuana advocate Nazma Muller. Both sides agreed there should be public consultations about the decriminalising of marijuana. A note was also expected to be taken to Cabinet to propose the establishment of an inter-ministerial committee that will organise town hall meetings to discuss the issue.

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