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OWTU members told ‘stay out’ of PNM’s Marabella meeting

Members of the Oilfield Workers Trade Union have been denied entry into the Marabella Community Facility where the People’s National Movement is hosting a public meeting on the restructuring of Petrotrin. acheter asics   A group of about three dozen workers left their positions on Market Street and walked into the yard while Energy Minister Franklin Khan spoke to the crowd. puma homme   When they neared the door, police told them the auditorium was full and they could not enter as it was a “fire hazard.” Members were heard shouting at officers asking whether they weren’t considered members of the public. canada goose en ligne “Isn’t this a public meeting? Is it because I am wearing a blue shirt instead of a red one?” one man asked. Canada Goose Trillium Parka The group had, minutes earlier, told media they were hoping to question Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley on the restructuring of Petrotrin and the shutdown of the refinery. canada goose   The workers, mostly temporary and casual employees, said they did not plan to protest but simply to ask the Government to come clean on the number of workers to be affected. asics sneakers While the event continued, uninterrupted by the commotion, Works and Transport Minister Rohan Sinanan told Newsday the auditorium was simply full. chaussures puma

“I am also outside because it is too full.