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Not all the news fake, Mr Huggins

THE EDITOR: I recently read an interesting letter to the editor from one Ronald Huggins, titled “You can’t trick a Trini.” In it he states, “The population is looking on and will not judge lightly those who deliberately mislead others for political gain.”

If Huggins is to be taken seriously he must accept that it is not only the Opposition that has misled the population and that there are many issues involving the Government that can be labelled as questionable at best and corrupt at worst. Four of these issues (and there are many more) that can be presented as factual include:

1. The scandal at the Port Authority where two chairmen resigned. It is still yet to be properly explained by the Government how and why the Cabo Star was leased, costing more than the previous one, the Super Fast Galicia.

2. The scandal at Petrotrin in which money was paid to a private company for “fake oil” and the company’s owner was known to the Prime Minister, as well as a former PNM candidate who was employed by Petrotrin was severed from the company as a direct result of the “fake oil” investigation by Petrotrin.

3. The scandal at the East Port of Spain Development Company where a former accountant was forced by the court to repay $16 million.
Who was on the board of directors at the time the accountant was hired?
Was bad judgment exercised by both the board and management in hiring this individual?

4. Was bad judgment also exercised by the political directorate in the hiring, removal and/or resignations of so many experienced and qualified chairmen of boards, including Denise Demming of the Tourism Development Company, Anthony Pierre of the Chaguaramas Development Authority, Michael Philips and Dinanath Ramanarine of the Sport Company of TT, and Edgar Zephrine of the National Commission for Self-Help?
So while Huggins has an important and respected role to play, I am saying that not all the news reported in TT is fake.

M LEWIS, San Fernando

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