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MP Ramdial demands answers on crime fight

Couva North Member of Parliament (MP) Ramona Ramdial is demanding answers of the TT Police Service and National Security Ministry about what she describes as “highly weaponised” criminals.

In a statement, Ramdial said Saturday’s “brazen shooting at the Jamlong Casino on Curepe Junction indicates that not even the best security systems and personnel can stop criminals.”

Pointing out that approximately 235 people have been killed so far this year, Ramdial said TT is under siege, with there being an increase in the use of guns during criminal acts.

“In some instances, the use of high-tech weaponry unfamiliar to our police and army officers. One can conclude that our criminals are highly weaponised, perhaps even more so than our police and army personnel. Many robberies are now done in Police and Army gear with sophisticated guns resulting in increased murders.”

These developments led Ramdial to pose five questions to National Security Minister Edmund Dillon and the police commissioner about the tactics being used to fight crime.

“Is our National Security apparatus underutilised? How effectively is the National Security council in dealing with the rogue element in the police and army force? How is the Ministry of National Security applying the recommendations of the Police Manpower audit? Is Minister Edmund Dillon ensuring timely financial allocations for important resources for the protective services? Is there ongoing training for police in the areas of crime detection, gathering of evidence and investigations to solve crimes?”

Ramdial then called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, Dillon and the junior ministers of national security to “wake up and do something about the daily loss of innocent lives.”

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