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Khamal’s car found again


THE KIA Sportage stolen from CNC3 anchor Khamal Georges, which was recovered and later stolen again, has been recovered again.

Police said the car was found around 8:45 am this morning in St Barbs, Belmont. The car was taken at gunpoint as Georges arrived at his St James home on Thursday morning, and hours later was recovered by officers of the Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) at Bath Street, Port of Spain. While parked near the Besson Street police station around 6.45pm, the vehicle was snatched again.

After the second theft, police said they were embarrassed by the incident as the car was stolen from under their noses. They have been chastised by the public and senior police officers and those at the station had vowed to recover the vehicle and arrest the suspect who, they say, has already been identified.

Police said CCTV footage captured the thief using the key to open the car and drive away with it.

They said Georges was told to collect the yesterday after it was first recovered but he opted not to and was supposed to collect it today.

This was not the first time something like this happened police said. A car which was parked next to the station was stripped after it was parked there after an accident. The issue police said is a lack of space to secure vehicles taken to the station after accidents and other incidents. Police added that the suspect was very brazen and would be apprehended.

Georges was only informed of the second theft through social media, those close to him said.

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