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Intrepid captures top Junior Angler award

TEAM Intrepid, led by Tobago anglers Jade and Tristan Llanos, took home the best boat award when the TT Game Fishing Association (TTFA) hosted its 20th annual Junior Angler Fishing Tournament, at the TT Yacht Club, Bayshore, on Saturday.

Twenty-five boats entered the tournament with some 56 boys and 22 girls ranging from five to 16 years old onboard.

Taken to the scale were: 72 lbs of kingfish, 51 lbs of carite, 231 lbs of cavali, 25 lbs of bacchine, 190 lbs of bonito and 22 lbs of barracuda. Over 600 pounds of the 790-pound total haul of fish were donated to several charities following the day’s events. Placing second in the best boat division was Scatter Brain and its anglers Scott Wortman, Adam Alcantara, Shane Sheppard and Chad Ferreira. Let It Fly with William Skinner, Isabel Skinner and Victoria Skinner placed third.

There were prizes of trophies and tackle gear for the successful anglers.

The next major event on the TTGFA calendar is the Tarpon Thunder Tournament on August 4-5.


Heaviest in species

Bachine – Jacob Agostini (GiGi II)

Barracuda – Tristan Llanos (Intrepid)

Bonito/Tuna – Luke Xavier (Gi GI II)

Carite – Noah Sheppard (Gi GI II)

Cavali – Tristan Llanos (Intrepid)

King Fish – Lizzy Wortman (Wicked)

Best anglers (age group)

5-7 Female

1st- Messi Gurley (Knot Nice)

2nd- Victoria Skinner (Let It Fly)

3rd- Xena Lezama (Cashepa)

5-7 Male

1st- Tristan Llanos (Intrepid)

2nd- Bastian Cielto (Feeding Frenzy)

3rd- Scott Lee (Step By Step)

8-10 Female

1st- Jade Llanos (Intrepid)

2nd- Lizzy Wortman (Wicked)

3rd- Isabel Skinner (Let It Fly)

8-10 Male

1st- Shane Telfer (Sea Hunter)

2nd- Kai Lewis (Knot Nice)

3rd- Jake Da Costa (Pyramid)

11-13 Female

1st- Andrea Thompson (Fish findeR)

2nd- Maki Wallace (Wicked)

3rd- Lindsay Boyack (Bee Jay)

11-13 Male

1st- William Skinner (Let It Fly)

2nd- Jordan Hamel-Smith (Big Eye)

3rd- Mikael Young (Emmanuel)

14-16 Female

1st- Kathryn Bodden (Ton Nen)

14-16 Male

1st- Scott Wortman (Scatter Brain)

2nd- Stephen Bodden (Ton Nen)

3rd- Shane Sheppard (Scatter Brain)

Best Boat

1st- Intrepid (143.625)

2nd- Scatter Brain (82.93)

3rd- Let It Fly (57.5)

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