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‘Hot’ man shot dead under tree

A 30-year-old La Horquetta man was murdered in a drive-by shooting on Saturday morning.

Police report that Kevin “Calcutta” Scott, of Phase Seven, was in a hammock under an almond tree when a car pulled up and the occupants opened fire. Scott managed to run across the road where he collapsed and died.

Police said Scott was “hot” and while their are segments of the Rasta City and Muslim gangs in the area, he was not killed for his affiliation, rather, because he was “always giving trouble”.

Police said Scott had enemies all around him in the community, even in Arima.

Also, in south Trinidad, police are investigating the discovery of a body at Cipero Road, Borde Narve village. The victim is believed to be Attiba Alexander, 38, of Ste Madeleine.

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