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Give police DNA database

SENIOR Supt Inraj Balram believes if a database with DNA profiles for all citizens and visitors to TT is started, crime detection will increase drastically.

Speaking at a police town hall meeting in Arena Road, Freeport, on Monday night, Balram said while police are working to fight organised crime, they are restricted by the law.

“If I had a recommendation to make, I would say let every citizen and every visitor to TT have their DNA samples logged in a national database that the police can use when investigating crimes, whether or not they are suspected of crimes or arrested,” Balram said.

Balram, who heads the Central Division, said within recent months, police resources were pulled from other areas in the division and sent to Freeport, as residents were being targeted by criminals.

About 250 residents attended the meeting and both Balram and ACP Beverly Lewis remarked on the large turnout, saying it was one of the biggest crowds they had seen at a town hall meeting.

Balram urged residents to remember that they are raising the nation’s future police and said the attitudes children grow with shape them if or when they become police.

“You have the responsibility to train from birth our future officers. The things you teach them, the morals and values, are what their actions will come down to if they join the force.”

Several residents asked about men from within the community who had been arrested for robbing their neighbours and Insp Dane James, who heads the Freeport and Brasso Police stations, listed four men from that group.

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