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Eversley hails President on 1990 call

ACTIVIST Wendell Eversley, in a thank-you letter, yesterday hailed President Paula-Mae Weekes for her call for an annual observance of the July 27, 1990 attempted coup.

Eversley, who marks the fateful day each year with a vigil at the Red House, which was held by insurgents, told Weekes the idea of an official annual observance was one of the recommendations of the report into the attempted coup produced by a committee chaired by Bajan former chief justice Sir David Simmons.

“The report called it a day of national significance,” Eversley said.

He urged Weekes to note the report’s other recommendations and to bring them to the Government’s attention.

Eversley told Weekes that many individuals who had been recommended for recompense are daily dying out.

“It would be tragic if in spite of the recommendations of this report, those alive and/or their successors do not get the benefit of the said recommendations.”

On July 27, Weekes said, “It is long past due that there be a proper and fitting annual national observance of the attempted coup d’état of 1990.”

Calling the 1990 date “one of the darkest days in our history,” Weekes said, “Such a commemoration would demonstrate an awareness and recognition of the ordeal of those who suffered and died; show our appreciation for the members of our armed forces who intervened and risked their lives to ensure that the insurrection did not spread further; and serve as an annual reminder to remain vigilant in preserving our hard-won democracy.”

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