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Crime is runaway horse


Spiritual Head of Swaha Pundit Hardeo Persad said the recent robbery at the Freeport Lakshmi Narayan Temple is to be condemned to the highest degree.

“Crime is out of control. It is like a runaway horse and it appears as though no one is able to do anything about it,” Persad said.

Four bandits wearing masks attacked the spiritual leader of the temple, Pundit Gajendra Kumar at 2 am on Sunday and reportedly ran away with $160,000 worth of cash and jewellery. They entered the pundit and held him and his wife Mamta Kumar at gunpoint.

Persad said when the country had reached a state where religious institutions are being vandalised and spiritual leaders terrorised, it is clear that there is no fear of God.

“It would seem as if we have reached the point where we are an almost dead society spiritually,” he said adding that spirituality is at such a low that no one is safe today. There appears to be a halo of helplessness, he said, over TT that no one seems to be able to lift above it. “As a nation and individually, we need to intensify our prayer, to stay firm and strengthen our spirituality,” Persad said. He urged religious leaders and members of the public not to lose confidence in God.

“We must be alert and have increased awareness with every step. Nothing should be taken for granted as we go about our daily lives.”

He reminded the powers that be that evil is allowed to thrive when good men do and say nothing constructive.

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