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Cops worried about Carapo killings

Northern Division and Homicide police held an emergency meeting on Indian Arrival Day to discuss strategies to deal with several gang-related murders in the Carapo district.

The meeting on Wednesday was chaired by acting ACP Mc Donald Jacob and some of his senior officers.

The latest killing occurred around 11 pm on Wednesday when Keidan Phillip was liming with friends at Simon Street, Carapo, when they were shot at. Phillip was later found bleeding from multiple wounds and was pronounced dead by a district medical officer.

Yesterday senior police said they have been observed a trend of gang-related murders in Carapo and have put in place new anti-crime measures to deal with them. They believe rival gangs in Carapo are responsible and with the anti-gang legislation being assented to on Monday, they are hoping to arrests gang leaders and members from the area.

They said there will be a series of raids and exercises aimed at flushing out those responsible for the crimes.

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