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Cops search for serial rapist in Arouca

Northern Division police are searching for a 30-year-old Arouca labourer who sexually assaulted his pregnant teenage relative on Friday. Police are describing him as a serial rapist.

The man was being sought in connection with the rape of another woman in February and police believe that he may have sexually assaulted other victims.

Police said the suspect went into hiding last Friday after raping his 19-year-old relative at her Arouca home.

The woman who is ten weeks pregnant told police she was in her bedroom at around 1.30 pm when the suspect entered and asked for $10.

When she told him she did not have any money, the man demanded the woman have sexual intercourse with him but she refused.

She told police she was overpowered and sexually assaulted.

Investigators got a warrant for the man’s arrest, but could not find him.

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