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Community, family left traumatised by burning cop’s image

The community and family of suspended Special Reserved Police Sgt Gary Alexander have been left traumatized by his horrific death.

Although he was abusive to his family, neighbours said the image of Alexander on fire would forever be etched in their memories.

Alexander died at the San Fernando General Hospital on Monday night, from burns sustained when he set himself on fire, in the presence of his wife Debbie and children Shenise and Jacy on Sunday morning.

The incident occurred outside the family’s Jebodhsingh Trace, home, Avocat Village, Fyzabad.

Alexander reportedly doused himself and his vehicle, a Kia Cerato, with a flammable liquid he had in the trunk before striking a match.

As the vehicle burst into flames, Alexander, who was transformed into a human fireball tried to escape from the inferno.

His son helped to put out the flames but the burns, to almost 90 per cent of his body, was too much for him to survive.

A video which has been circulating on social media shows the car on fire and the flaming Alexander running in an open grassy area. The piercing cries of a female’s voice is heard in the background.

Alexander’s distraught son Jacy refused to speak to the Newsday which carried a statement quoting president of the PSWA Michael Seales saying that his father was living in his car for the greater part of the year because the court had awarded the marital home to his mother.

Jacy said in addition to the death and the circumstances the family was hurt by the report which was not true. He refused to say what was the truth, however.

Told about the family’s pain the statement had caused, Seales said, “I can only report what was told to me and that is the truth. Whether they deny it or not, that is the truth.”

Neighbours also said Alexander, who was on suspension after being charged with malicious damage and attempted arson, lived at the family’s home until his death.

Asked about counselling for Alexander’s loved ones, Seales said, “that has already been done.

Social workers are already engaging them. The fact is that the mother has asked if she could get that support. A personal friend of the mother called and asked if we can provide that support and we are going to do that.”

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