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Claxton Bay man to be compensated for bad "cocaine charge"

A CLAXTON Bay labourer who was arrested and charged by police for possession of cocaine received judgement against the State for malicious prosecution. Mark Victor Hagley filed his lawsuit in March and he received judgement in his favour after the State failed to put in a defence.

Justice Frank Seepersad, who granted judgement in default in the San Fernando High Court, ordered that compensation be assessed by a High Court Master and this is expected to come up for hearing on October 1.

Hagley was arrested on February 5, 2010, around 3.30 pm, at Uncles Bar on Southern Main Road, Claxton Bay.

He was at the bar with two friends when the police came up to him. In his lawsuit, he said he recognised one of the policemen who framed him in a rape, kidnapping, theft and larceny of a car case.

Hagley also sued for malicious prosecution and Justice Margaret Mohammed, in December, ordered that the State compensate him in excess of $425,000.

In his recent lawsuit, Hagley was arrested and later charged with cocaine possession although police found nothing on him when they searched him in front of the bar.

Hagley, who was represented by attorneys Abdel Mohammed and Shabaana Mohammed, appeared in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court 20 times before the case against him was dismissed because the policeman who charged him failed to appear in court.

In his lawsuit, Hagley claimed that the police at the St Margaret’s Police Station, in Claxton Bay, had a history of harassing and terrorising him, and acted on malice when they charged him for cocaine possession.

He also said he spent 45 days in prison on remand before he was able to access bail.

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