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Charlieville woman dead

A Charlieville woman was shot dead in her home early this morning. According to reports, Alicia Mohammed, 47, was asleep at home at John Peter Road around 1am when three masked gunmen broke down her door and came in. Mohammed’s common-law husband Ishwar Mangalee, 41, was asleep next to her.

Mangalore told the Newsday the gunmen forced them to lie face down on opposite sides of the bed and tied his hands and feet with shoelaces.

The men demanded cash and ransacked the bedroom, but Ishwar said no money or valuables were taken.

After hearing one of the men say, “Shoot her, shoot her” Ishwar said he heard a muffled bang and some minutes later the men left.

When he was able to free himself about 20 minutes later, he discovered Mohammed had a single gunshot wound to the head. He said the men used a pillow to muffle the shot.

He ran to a neighbour’s house and police were called in.

Central Division police are investigating.

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