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‘Calcutta ship’ Sandy in PoS hospital

Former Tobago House of Assembly member Hilton Sandy, 72, is warded at Port of Spain General Hospital after been flown to Trinidad from Tobago.

Sandy was taken to Scarborough General Hospital on Tuesday afternoon, after complaining of feeling unwell.

Newsday Tobago sources report that Sandy was experiencing bleeding in his brain and as a result was transferred to Port of Spain for further medical care.

Asked for an update on Sandy’s condition on Thursday, PNM Tobago Council vice chairman Wendell Berkeley said: “What we know is that he was at the hospital in Tobago on Tuesday evening, then flown to Trinidad, so he is currently at the neurosurgeon’s ward at the Port of Spain General Hospital.”

Berkeley spoke to the media during a press conference PNM Tobago Council office in Scarborough.

Public relations officer (PRO) Kwesi Des Vignes said they were not in a position to provide any further details.

“We are still awaiting an official update and of course as soon as we have that update we would be sure to share that with the media. But it would be irresponsible at this point in time, we do not want to cause any stress or panic to the family in particular,” he said.

The PRO offered best wishes to Sandy and his family.

“Our best wishes and prayers go out to Mr Sandy and his family at this time and during this difficult period, we do wish him a speedy recovery. We know that he has been hospitalised and he is receiving the best attention I know at the neurosurgeon’s ward of the Port of Spain General Hospital, so we really want Tobagonians on a whole to really remember Mr Sandy and his family by extension in prayer,” Des Vignes said.

Sandy once served as electoral representative for Roxborough/Delaford. Sandy was heavily criticised for comments he made about “a Calcutta ship” arriving from Trinidad during the THA election campaign in January 2013, during the People’s Partnership term in government. Tobago Organisation of the People party, a member of the PP coalition, and contender in the THA elections said Sandy’s remarks were racist. Sandy subsequently apologised.

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