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168,012 Tobago flights for July/Aug

IN the peak period of July and August, Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL) will offer a total of 168,012 seats on the air-bridge between Trinidad and Tobago, said a CAL statement on Monday. This will consist of 84,228 seats in July and 83,784 in August.

“For the July/August peak period, the airline has looked at the number of proposed events carded to take place in Tobago and has planned its schedule accordingly.”

CAL vowed to closely monitor the situation and if required adjust its schedule to facilitate seamless travel domestically.

For the first half of 2018, CAL carried 466,541 passengers on the air-bridge. Some 85 per cent of these flights arrived on time, that is within 15 minutes of scheduled time.

CAL listed the number of passengers carried each month and the percentage of flights arriving on time. The passengers ranged from 72,869 in January to 82,945 in March. Flight timeliness ranged from 81 per cent in January to 88 per cent in May.

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